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Self Help for ME and CFS

1. The Science behind EFT 

2. Touch and Breath EFT 


The Science behind EFT

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the science behind why EFT works and how it explains why EFT is an integral part of working with ME/CFS and FM through to recovery, you can listen to the topic recorded as part of a FREE tele-class series - it includes an EFT exercise which is a practical application of the theory covered. To listen, press play on our audio device below:

The Science behind EFT recorded on the 7th October 2011 - Duration 45 minutes

And to download the free accompanying handout - click here



Touch and Breathe EFT

This is a technique we have found to be very effective for calming the nervous system and grounding ourselves especially in the following situations:

  • After an intensive EFT session where a great deal seems to have come up and it is still being processed. Whilst the overriding response to the session is likely to be positive, sometimes the energy system may feel ‘shaken up’
  • When feeling dizzy or light headed
  • When feeling disconnected from your body
  • Before mediation, relaxation, or another relaxing activity
  • When your nervous system seems to be ‘sensitised’ through chronic stress or long periods in the maladaptive stress response

To download the handout, click here


Please note: As with all self-help, self-care and responsibility are important. By using EFT you understand you are accepting full responsibility for yourself and others and this handout does not in any way constitute a client-practitioner relationship with any of the practitioners of ‘You Wellbeing’. To ensure our duty of care to you we ask you to read our full disclaimer.