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Whilst we hope you that gain plenty of helpful information from our website together with a sense of who we are and how we work, we also highly recommend that you take advantage of our Free Report and Video Pack offer. This pack will give you a clear and concise overview of what we believe these conditions to be and how to effectively address recovery using our Quartz Process and Programmes. The videos will include personal accounts of recovery, the one key factor that must be addressed in order to build sustainable recovery and the understandings behind the importance of having a clear framework and individualised map to work with.

You will learn from our report and accompanying videos:

  • What ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia, in our opinion, are - cutting through all the confusion
  • The reasons why you became ill and how this applies to you and your health
  • What blocks your ability to recover and why many treatment approaches have limited results
  • The essential factor we must address for recovery to become possible
  • How we can put your recovery programme together by using The Quartz Process



The Report and Video Pack is available free of charge to you; simply complete the information below and submit your request. You will then receive an email, in the next couple of minutes, containing a link for you to download your copy of our report and watch our first two videos.

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