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Quartz Process for ME and CFS

A leading mind-body approach to accelerate wellbeing 

The Quartz Process, is an innovative mind-body technique that we have developed to empower people to impact their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Through our own personal and professional experiences of the vast array of different therapies and techniques used within the field of ME and CFS, it became clear to us that we were uniquely placed to develop our own process or technique to help advance the scope of recovery.

As a result, and based on extensive study and experience of what works in the field, we've now brought together what we believe to be 'the best of the best' - a focused technique which works on the multitude of factors underpinning these debilitating conditions, providing strong foundations for sustainable recovery. Please read personal stories of people who have worked with us in the past here

How does the Quartz Process work?

The process, through a series of easy-to-learn steps, works on the principal that mind and body have the innate ability to heal themselves. It provides a clear framework that enables people to identify factors disrupting their natural state of being. The Quartz Process does this by bringing together principals from the latest innovations in the fields of new biology, psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and energy psychology.

In more scientific terms...

Our body’s ability to heal and modulate the optimal state is interrupted by the protection mechanism, known more commonly as the ‘fight or flight’ response. The limbic system within the brain is responsible for perceiving and dealing with threats - it activates a neural and biochemical process that prepares the body for survival (and by doing so it also suppresses a number of primary systems that are not needed for immediate survival). Each of these experiences is then encoded as a memory with an emotional component. Similar threats encountered in the future then refer to this encoded memory generating an appropriate response based on the previous outcome - this learned response can be extremely helpful when encountering a wild tiger or when crossing a road for example. Conversely however, as the brain cannot distinguish between real and imagined threat, this mechanism can be continually triggered by our perceptions and focus whether the threat actually exists or not, for example responding to a headache based on an encoded memory of collapsing at work.  

The Quartz process identifies and deactivates this dysfunctional habitual coding (including our beliefs regarding our ability to recover from a chronic condition for example), releasing the emotional component and enabling a more appropriate conscious response. This renewed response then activates neuro and biochemical processes that provide the optimal environment for physical and emotional wellbeing.

This highly effective technique is central to our work in the field and is taught to all our clients during our various programmes and sessions. Find out more...