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ME and CFS Programmes Quartz Programmes - providing a framework for health beyond ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia and PVFS

With the correct understanding, sustainable wellbeing becomes much more of a real possibility.


  • The Quartz Programme - our recommended group programme which takes place in London UK monthly
  • The Quartz Lite Programme - available worldwide and recommended if you prefer an individual rather than a group approach - working one-to-one with a practitioner face-to-face in London or by telephone or Skype anywhere in the world
  • Quartz Progression Sessions - available worldwide these sessions provide the on-going practitioner support and guidance to ensure that you meet your health goals. They are suited to those that have already been on a Quartz or Quartz Lite Programme and are available face-to-face in London or by telephone or Skype anywhere in the world
  • The Quartz Intensive Programme - our premium individualised programme where we travel to you rather than you travelling to us
  • Progression Sessions with Associate Practitioners - we recognise that these illnesses are multi factorial and that in some situations it may be necessary to engage with additional treatment approaches to ensure progress. To this end we have carefully selected associate practitioners who we can refer you to, both medical and non-medical; all then integrated within your Quartz Programme

Our knowledge and understanding gained from years of learning, personal experience and experience of working with people with these illnesses, has led to our creation of this range of programmes. They combine using the Quartz Process together with key concepts and support to ensure an individualised approach to your health is put in place. This includes:

  • Providing you with knowledge and information about your illness
  • A simple explanation of your body's physiology, it's ability to heal and how to influence it
  • A toolkit and recovery framework to support you on your path to wellness

The range of programmes ensures that we are able to effectively meet the needs of people regardless of what stage of the illness they are in or where in the world they are located. We work individually or in small groups, face-to-face or by telephone or Skype.

The most beneficial way for you to be clear which programme best suits your needs is to speak to one of us at You Wellbeing. Please take advantage of our free introductory chat.

Read more about our development of the Quartz Process - advanced mind, body approach.

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