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I have looked into other treatments/approaches such as the Lightning Process(TM), CBT, Graded Exercise etc.. How is this different?

In the case of the Lightning Process: LP is effective at addressing the Maladaptive Stress Response, but it does not address the underlying emotional aspects such as the need to ‘please’ or to put the needs of others before our own, the need to ‘drive’ ourselves hard, or the need to continually push ourselves beyond our current capabilities.

In the case of EFT: EFT is very effective at addressing emotional aspects such as the fear around our symptoms and how frustrated we are at not being able to recover, but it does not effectively address the Maladaptive Stress Response.

In the case of CBT: CBT is effective at addressing thoughts and behaviours which contribute to the Maladaptive Stress Response, but it does not explain why or how this can impact our physical symptoms and health.

In the case of Graded Exercise: Graded Exercise is effective at learning to ‘pace’ our activity and can give us a sense of control, but it does not take into account our stage of recovery, and it can lead us to ‘push’ when what we actually need to do is rest, nor does it take into account any underlying physiological factors that our are affecting energy production.

What if I have already tried other treatments and am feeling unsure about trying something new?

You may have tried other treatments which have either had no, limited or detrimental effect, something which has made you feel sceptical about trying something else. This is perfectly natural.

We’ve worked with many people who have already tried numerous treatments and approaches and spent a lot of money – this was the case for Sandra. We have vast amount of experience over our seven years specialising in this area and are very familiar with a number of the other techniques – we were two of the first Lightning ProcessTM practitioners. It is important to remember, because of the different factors which are thought to cause ME, a one-size-fits-all-approach is very unlikely to provide the full-answer. This is why we created not only the Quartz Process but the Quartz Programmes which help to integrate the Quartz Process with other helpful approaches with our associative practitioners. And we are person-centred approach, so we fit the processes to you and your specific needs!

There is also an ‘order’ to sustainable recovery and that is what the Quartz programmes are designed to help identify and work with - this is when the completing the puzzle of recovery starts to come together!

What if I am using one of the above techniques and it is helping, but it has not been the full-answer. I do want to try something different, but do I have to stop using it to benefit from the Quartz process and programmes?

We have worked with many people who have already started using other techniques which they are finding helpful but have not been, for various reasons, the full-answer - see Pauline's feedback. In this situation, we may recommend the Quartz Progression Sessions which have been designed to provide the extra knowledge and techniques needed which are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. We work in an integrated way, and one of our strength’s is helping you to integrate the best of what you need to influence your own body’s ability to heal.

I only have a limited budget

Whilst we are a private service specialised in this field, we are aware of the difficulties people can have being able to afford this form of treatment. We answer to this difficulty by;

  • Keeping our rates to the lowest possible level
  • Ensuring that what you do spend is yielding maximum value for you
  • Giving you the option to email an update in between sessions so we can tailor your next session for your maximum benefit
  • Offering payment terms for our programmes so that the cost can be spread over several months rather than having to be paid in one lump sum
  • Ensuring that we don’t recommend treatment for treatment sake and tying you in to lengthy and expensive treatment regimes that are not yielding results.

Can I speak with someone before I decide? 

We definitely recommend you speaking to us before making any decision. For this purpose, we offer a complimentary introductory chat which will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have and also get to know a little more about us and how we work - your relationship with your practitioner will be an important part of your recovery. You can do this by clicking here.

How do I sign up?

The easiest way to sign up will be during your introductory chat – your practitioner will take you through the process. Alternatively you can also sign up by sending an email to stating which programme you wish to sign up to. Or if you prefer, call us on 020 8371 8202 - this number will connect you to a confidential answer machine service – we respond to all calls within 24 hours.