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EFT for ME and CFS

How Emotional Freedom Techniques can help

The Science behind EFT

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the science behind why EFT works and how it explains why EFT is an integral part of working with ME/CFS and FM through to recovery, you can listen to the topic recorded as part of a FREE tele-class series - it includes an EFT exercise which is a practical application of the theory covered. To listen, press play on our audio device below:

The Science behind EFT recorded on the 7th October 2011 - Duration 45 minutes


Gaining increasing recognition and support from practitioners and therapists across the spectrum of healthcare, EFT and related Energy Psychology approaches are challenging the way we understand disease and how we approach healing. We have found EFT an extremely effective and safe technique for many with ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia.

Often referred to as 'Emotional Acupuncture without needles', EFT offers a simple yet profound way of working on emotional and physical wellbeing, through simple 'tapping routines' on the energy meridian system.

Blockages in our meridians arise at various times of our life, amongst them traumatic or difficult experiences, sub-conscious conditioning and poor lifestyle options. The resulting impact of these blockages can be a set of negative emotional responses, negative belief systems and ultimately physical, emotional dis-ease and pain.

EFT is an easily learnt technique for self-application. However, the efficacy of the techniques is greatly enhanced when working with an experienced practitioner. EFT for ME and CFS takes a closer look at why EFT works and suggests very helpful ways to start using it to aid wellbeing. For those who would like to take their learning further, we always include the teaching of EFT in our wellbeing programmes and run regular practitioner courses through our sister company, the Energy Therapy Centre.

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The EFT tapping sequence and the basics of how to do it

To get started using EFT, an easy-to-follow chart as well as an outline of the basic process are available here

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EFT for ME and CFS offers some ideas and suggestions to start exploring the scope of this simple technique

EFT is an easy-to-use technique with a very broad spectrum for application. The ease of the process can often have people wondering whether they are using it correctly and whether they are using the 'correct terminology'. The links below offer some ideas and case studies for using EFT in a variety of situations.

  • EFT for anxiety
  • EFT for emotional release
  • EFT for sleep
  • EFT for physical pain
  • EFT for trauma
  • EFT for limiting self beliefs

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Why EFT can be effective for ME and CFS

We were amongst the first to qualify as advanced EFT practitioners and AAMET trainers in the UK. Since those early days we have refined our specialism in EFT for working with people with ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia.

Together we have witnessed EFT working effectively on such a diverse range of issues to the extent that some people question how this could be vaguely possible; it sounds too good to be true. EFT has been hailed as a health improver, pain reliever, performance enhancer and trauma buster. This is a big claim.

Now, thanks to the invaluable contributions of Dawson Church, author of Genie in Your Genes, along with other researchers, science is helping to answer this question (book available in our on-line shop). Initially the effectiveness of EFT was attributed to the effects that it has on energy flows in the body.

It is believed that when you use needles (acupuncture), tapping (EFT or TFT) or pressure on acupoints (TAT), you send a calming signal throughout your body. MRI scans have shown that the stimulation of acupoints turns off the fight or flight response in your limbic system. Dr. Church relays a story of how an EFT session caused the cortisol levels of his research subjects to plummet so rapidly that the lab thought their equipment was faulty!

Consider that when you think of an old trauma your fight or flight signal is reactivated and your body responds accordingly. By then tapping you send a different signal saying you’re safe. Your brain understands that if you were really facing a tiger you’d be running not tapping. So by tapping whilst tuning in to the traumatic memory, you are countering the old signal of threat with a new signal of safety. As you do this you interrupt or break the old conditioned response loop. Once the association between the memory and the physiological response has been broken, you will no longer respond by going into the fight or flight response at the thought of that old memory. Your brain will now recognise it for what it is – an old memory and not a current threat.

This explains why EFT works on such a diverse range of problems and ailments. When you deactivate your stress response, it filters through your body. Reducing stress and anxiety helps your body function better. When we experience stress, it affects us neurologically, hormonally, physically and electrically.

Anxiety impedes performance and creativity. Unresolved childhood traumas (regardless of how irrelevant they may seem to your adult mind) create an undercurrent of anxiety that increase your risk of serious disease. When you remove this undercurrent of anxiety, your body and mind are better able to heal. So even if you feel good about something, you can usually feel even better with EFT.

Please remember - EFT is a tool. It works best as part of your health care, and is not as a replacement. Please consult an expert practitioner or therapist for more serious or complex issues.

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